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Unity Managed Services – Personal Health Budgets

26893438-625WA personal health budget is an amount of money paid by the NHS to support a person’s identified health and wellbeing needs. The care package is planned and agreed between the person and their local NHS team.

Our vision for personal health budgets is to enable people with long-term conditions and disabilities to have greater choice, flexibility and control over the health care and support they receive.

If you or someone close to you receives NHS ‘Continuing Care’, you can opt to change to a Personal Health Budget.  Other people receiving health care may also be eligible if their clinicians decide they would benefit.

Personal Health Budgets will give you more control over your healthcare and the money spent on it.  You will have a say in the choice of  the services and the support you receive.

However, being in receipt of a Personal Health Budget could mean additional work and pressure for you, and your family who help care for you. You will have to deal with all the red tape that accompanies this degree of choice.

This is where Unity’s wealth of experience in the care and home nursing sector can help. We will liaise with you and your health professionals to identify the level of care you need, develop your care plan, and appoint and manage your care support workers or home nurses. In short, we’ll unravel all the red tape on your behalf.

Background to personal health care budgets

Norman Lamb, the Minister of State for Care Services, announced the national roll out of personal health budgets on 30 November 2012. This followed a three-year NHS pilot programme which ended in October 2012, and the publication of an independent evaluation report, led by the University of Kent. People who are already receiving NHS Continuing Care will have a right to ask for a personal health budget from April 2014.

How do Personal Health Budgets Work?

There are 3 ways to manage your Personal Health Budget. Whichever option you choose, Unity Managed Services can help and support you through this process.

  1. A ‘notional’ budget
    With this option, the NHS manages the money allocated to you and organises your care and support. Unity Managed Services will work with you and the NHS to provide all the elements of your care package.
  2. Direct payment to you
    The money is paid directly to you. You decide, with input from the NHS, on the care you need.  You must set up a separate bank account, arrange your own care, employ carers and keep accurate records of all the care you’ve received and the transactions made.
  3. Budget held and managed by a third party
    A different organisation or trust holds the money for you and helps you decide what you need. After you have agreed this with your local NHS team, the organisation then buys the care and support you have chosen.

Working with you and your NHS professionals, we can take care of all aspects of your Personal Health Budget.  We’ll help create your care plan, find the right care and support, and manage all the troublesome administration for you.  All you have to do is benefit from the best care possible without the headaches of managing it yourself.

Self-funded health care

Not everyone is eligible for a Continuing Care allowance and many people have no alternative but to self-fund their own health care.  Unity Managed Services also helps people arrange their care privately, looking after every element to ensure they receive the best possible support when it’s needed. Our experienced team will help you manage your budgets, prepare your care plan, find the right carers and make sure they’re properly trained. That means you can get on and enjoy life knowing you’re in the safe, professional hands of people who care.

Training and payroll services

If you choose to manage your own Personal Health Budget or recruit your own private care workers, you will be responsible for their mandatory training.  As their employer, you will also have to pay their wages and keep employment and payroll records.

Unity Managed Services can help you sort out all the red tape and manage every aspect of your care.  This includes payroll services and ensuring your care team’s mandatory training is up-to-date.

How Unity Managed Services can help

Unity Managed Services provides care and support services to adults and children in the community. From managing staff allocation to helping you recruit and employ staff directly, we can offer a range of services to suit your needs.

When you work with Unity, you can benefit from our range of services:

Unity Care: Our home care service  has a team of over 140 trained staff working in the community. Our qualified nurses and experienced care support workers are passionate about delivering the care you need.

Through an individual assessment of your requirements, we will work closely with you and your relatives to manage your care. We will work within your individual budget, whether funded privately or through the personal health budgets.

After receiving your enquiry, a free consultation will be arranged by our Homecare Team. Once we understand your care requirements and the budget you have been allocated, we will outline a support process tailor-made to meet your needs.

When you are happy with the proposed services, we will arrange for a Unity Managed Services Advisor to visit you for your homecare risk assessment, care planning and recruitment of your care team.  Once we have a clear understanding of the care you require, we will provide you with a detailed quote and set a budget forecast for you.

Unity Managed Services team is passionate about our Personal Budget Support Service. As our client, we will strive to ensure that you are able to enjoy life by not worrying about your staff and their needs.

If you’d like to find out more about Personal Health Budgets or managing your care privately, and how Unity Managed Services can help, simply call the Homecare Team for some friendly advice on 0333 366 1020 *.  If you’d rather send , we’ll be happy to call you back.

Click Personal Health Budgets to download the two page PDF.

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